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Hand Care Tips

Hand care Tips: Beauty tips in Urdu for hand and foot care. Hand cure and treatment in Urdu.Usually people don't care their hands as they care their hands.Hands are also most visible part of body so take care of your hands with easy tips

Manicure at home

Appointments at salon for manicure are expensive? And if we learned to make beautiful nails at home? Here is the right thing to ask for a home manicure effective and complete.

First step: clean

Carefully removed the old varnish with a mild solvent (acetone) and then clean your nails with a brush designed for this purpose.

Second step: lime

We file our nails with a soft file, while respecting their natural form. Note: it is better to cut that file, because the clippers can damage the nails and split them. It also prevents the movement back and forth with the file that could raise the nail.

Third step: soaking

It softens cuticles by massaging with almond oil, a remover or cuticle softener that is applied to the base of the nail to well into the skin. They quenched our nails in warm water for a few minutes. No sweet almond oil on hand? A few drops of dish soap in warm water will be equally effective. A trick: adding capsule Polident water for nail whiteness.

Fourth step: pushing

We then gently pushes cuticles with a stick of boxwood, and cleaned with a tissue.

Fifth step: polishing

Using a polisher to smooth our nails and make them shiny. This step will also facilitate the application of varnish, if you choose to apply.

Sixth step: varnish

We apply a base (moisturizing, hardening or classic) to prevent yellowing and nail polish to help keep longer. We apply the varnish in five strokes, and voila! Hint: it leaves a small gap between the edge of the nail and the skin. In addition to lengthen the nail, it gives a nice shape.

Seventh step: finishing touches

Correcting burrs around the nail with a corrector pen or a stick soaked boxwood mild solvent. It ends with a clear coat (topcoat) that gives a touch of sparkle to the nail and ensures a better hold of colored varnish. They hydrated to soften our hands.

Cracked heel treatment urdu

ایڑھیوں کی خوبصورتیPeople who are overweight, more pressure on the heel, so that the skin there spread laterally and therefore prone to cracked heels and heel fissures. Standing for a long time also causes the skin to spread at the heels and crack. Open-backed shoes can have the same effect.

If your ski is dry and cracks on your heels, you need a plan for treatment before the condition get more wors. Before you treat moisturizers on the heels, remove the hard skin that has been built there, otherwise the moisturizers will have no effect.

USe Proper creams for your feet,and keep your heels moisturized as much as possible.

If you shower with a wet pumice stone to take away the rough areas on the heel. Rub the moisturizer into the heel, before you go to bed, and wear soft cotton socks to keep overnight in the humidity. Take more foot cream after work or in the middle of the day.

Cracked heel home remedy urdu

پھٹی ایڑھیوں کیلئے

Creaked heels is the problem of every one, it intens in winter season,but some peoples have this problem permanently. Here is an article in Urdu for you to achieve beautiful heals.

Some common causes of cracked heels:

  • Cold Winter Weather
  • Dehydration, or dehydrated skin or dry skin
  • Non-moistened feet
  • Hot baths or showers
  • Prolonged soaking of the feet in hot water
  • Use of harsh and drying soaps
  • Scrubbing the  feet until they get extremely dry
  • Diabetes

Cracked Heel Treatment At home in Urdu:


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