Homemade hand care tips Urdu

Homemade hand care tips Urdu

Soak your hands for about five minutes in a bowl with oil. You can do this using sunflower or olive oil. These oils contain vitamin E has made a powerful and thus promote the elasticity and resilience of the skin. Thus the hands are soft to the touch again. Olive oil is also a good source of valuable omega fatty acids, which can soften fine lines.

If the hands are very dry and rough, take a teaspoon full of sugar, wet the hands and rub the sugar (such as soap when washing your hands). After that, the hands feel soft and smooth all over again. They apply a good cream on hands, and leave it overnight or a fatty cream is best, eg marigold ointment - applied thickly - act (a good olive oil or grape seed oil will also work but not everyone's thing).

There are another simpler remedy for rough hands and skin. Simply soak your hands in lemon juice. And possibly again with olive oil makes smooth and creams are not the alternative of this remedy. Mostly winter season is for rough and chapped hands.

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